7 Awesome Digital Marketing Strategies to Try Right Now

7 Awesome Digital Marketing Strategies to Try Right Now

Directory Listings

Composing a free directory listing is just like the traditional marketing method of listing your business in the Yellow Pages. Adding your listing to different business directories is a fast way to get a step near your competition.

Companies can be differentiated by their niche, size, location, or action. All you have to do is find a good directory when it comes to your organisation and link for it. This could help get increased exposure to your website and draw top-quality traffic.

The people who visit these directories are a lot more likely to need your services. Furthermore, many small company directories make it possible for customers to leave reviews, ratings, and testimonials. Having good reviews found right along with your contact information makes it easy for customers to set their confidence in you then find your organisation.

Local Citations or Business Listings

These listings are specifically designed to help local searchers find the information they require about businesses. When you have a physical place, this can be a terrific way to create traffic.

Google positions are affected by a business’ number of citations, their accuracy, and the quality of the platforms they are on. Any incorrect data in your listing can dissuade clients and provide your organisation with a terrible reputation. If you are not taking advantage of local citations, then it is very likely that your competitors are using this internet advertising tactic and receiving traffic.

Google My Business

Getting about 75% of desktop searches, Google dominates the other search engines. And an upgraded Google My Business Listing is free, this is the simple way to get customers from the local area.

A map with three local results is situated under the paid advertisements but before search results. To locate its way to the top of listings, your entry has to be optimised and filled out entirely. GMB provides helpful statics that reveals how your audience is participating with your own profile and postings, and you may track website traffic with the assistance of Google Analytics.

Also, you can email your clients a link to your record, ask them to leave a review there, and thank them for offering a favourable score/rating. A customer or client review is just like a paragraph recommendation to the company that offers credibility. More than 60% of clients use a company if it’s favourable ratings from the Google Local Pack.

Social Media Posts

Along with the COVID-19 lockdown, more people than ever are going online and using social media to associate with the outside world. If you would like to come up with a younger client base, your online advertising campaign with Digital Marketing needs to integrate social media platforms.

Quicker than ever, clients can leave grievances and feedback with businesses, who will subsequently react with excellent customer support. Clients feel like they’re being discovered and are valued. This could allow you to construct a fantastic reputation and humanise your own brand. Whenever you are linking with people, and they feel as though they’re getting to know you –they’re more likely to work together with you. Do not forget to add links to your website on your articles.


If you want to attract new customers and keep current customers engaged and busy with your website, a great, inexpensive digital marketing strategies is creating blog posts.

Based on well know blogging site HubSpot, entrepreneurs who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to locate a great ROI (Return on Investment). Search engines (like Google, Bing, and Yahoo) are more likely to rank your site higher if it regularly increases new, relevant content. Blogs provide a simple way to get this done, and they’re able to set your company apart as an industry expert. If you provide individuals with sufficient helpful, educational sites, they will gradually see you as their go-to source inside your business. Additionally, people are more increased to share the best quality blog post on social networking, attracting an even wider audience.

Guest Blogging

Another one of our digital marketing strategies is guest blogging. Whether you are an individual or have a big business, guest blogging is an excellent way to instantly generate quality traffic for your website. Adding tips that are practical to an authoritative site with regular traffic demonstrates your credibility to a bigger audience.

Some people learn about you, appreciate the knowledge you shared, and keep in mind you if they need your services. Make sure to stick to your brand’s voice in all of your posts. If the blog you’re writing allows you to leave a link for your site, remember to add it to your backlink profile.


Google has a huge number of different ranking variables like the proper structure of the website, proper Metadata, traffic, and many more, but one of the best factors is backlink. According to an Ahrefs study, over 69 percent of sites don’t even have one backlink. To help your rankings, you want to create SEO backlinks to top-quality relevant sites –not spammy websites with no authority.

Getting a vote of confidence from a renowned site lets search engines like Google understand that you’re reputable. When a search engine crawls your webpage, it doesn’t only examine your site’s content. It also studies the number of links that are coming from quality sites towards you. Additionally, backlinks can help create brand awareness and draw quality traffic towards your site.

However, you don’t need to overuse backlinking or cover topics that people won’t hunt for–Google will penalise you for this.